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MLB Trade Rumors: Pittsburgh Pirates Serious About Acquiring Justin Upton, According To Report

With all the trade winds swirling around Arizona Diamondbacks rightfielder Justin Upton, at this point nothing might surprise anyone. However, one team name that has popped up might be a considered a surprise and that would be the Pittsburgh Pirates, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark.

According to Stark, the Pirates had scouts attending the game between the D-backs and the Chicago Cubs, and he also tweeted this:

Cole is right-handed pitching prospect Gerrit Cole and Taillon is another right-handed pitching prospect Jameson Taillon. Marte is an outfielder.

What is interesting is that Arizona already has pitching and outfield depth in the majors and in the minors. While any of those prospects certainly could be of interest to the team, it does not fill their needs at third base, shortstop or at catching prospects.

The trade deadline is quickly approaching, so these rumors will pick up speed as we get closer. Whether an actual deal comes out of it all still seems like a ways off, but you never know when teams get desperate, and Upton is the type of player that teams get desperate for.

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