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Diamondbacks Bats Quiet, Kennedy Shelled In Loss To Cubs 8-1

No offensive punch. Poor starting pitching from the guy who contended for the NL Cy Young last year. Errors. Mistakes. It was just an ugly day for the Arizona Diamondbacks who took the field after an almost four-hour rain delay and by the time it was over they were wishing the game had been scratched.

It started with Ian Kennedy who gave up six runs off seven hits in five innings. His ERA is now up to 4.55 on the season and he's allowed four or more runs in four of his last six starts. Whatever Ian was doing well last summer, he's doing the opposite this time around.

Without Kennedy at the top of the rotation, the D-backs are missing that all important anchor. Kennedy's performances on the mound has been dragging them down instead of providing a steady base to work from.

The offense didn't offer much help either with just one run in the first inning to show to show for their "efforts" against the Cubs starter, Paul Maholm. Needless to say, a playoff-caliber squad needs to better against the like of Paul Maholm.

Alfonso Soriano provided the punch for Chicago. He had two home runs, two double and racked up five RBI to send the D-backs to sleep with an 8-1 loss. Sweet dreams, boys.

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