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MLB Draft 2012: Diamondbacks Have Strong Showing In Early Rounds

The Arizona Diamondbacks have done a very nice job of drafting, developing and sending their homegrown players to the Major League level in recent years. The club was picking a bit later than they're accustomed to at the 2012 MLB Draft due to their strong run last season, but most scouts seem to like their picks thus far.

Keith Law of ESPN took a look at the D-backs' first five picks ($) and gave some thoughts on each player. Here is a snippet from his evaluations:

I loved Stryker Trahan (1) with the first pick; he's improving as a catcher, and he's athletic enough to do it, but more importantly I think he'll hit and hit for power, so if he has to move out from behind the plate he still has a chance to profile. Jose Munoz (2) was a mild surprise, a lean-bodied shortstop with a plus arm and future above-average power who has a pretty high ceiling if he can stay at the position. Jake Barrett (3) has outstanding stuff, up to 96 mph with a plus slider and pretty good control, but it's a violent delivery and he's had multiple bouts of elbow soreness. Chuck Taylor (4) can run and play center, but the bat is a huge gamble. Ronnie Freeman (5) projects as a backup catcher who's good enough to the play the position but not plus and doesn't have the bat to profile as a regular.

These are simply one man's opinions, but it does seem like Arizona did a nice job in the first few rounds this week. With the first two days in the books (rounds 1 through 15) it is imperative for the club to find a few of the diamonds in the rough on Wednesday, especially in the later rounds.

The third and final day of the 2012 draft will begin at 9 a.m. MST on Wednesday. Rounds 16 through 40 will be completed in what will be a very busy day for young baseball players all across the country.

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