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Kirk Gibson Finds Some Humor In Tommy Lasorda's Mild Heart Attack

Baseball had a minor scare on Tuesday when former Los Angeles Dodgers manager and current ambassador for the game Tommy Lasorda suffered a heart attack. It turned out that it was fairly minor and he had a stent inserted to clear the blocked artery. He later joked that the doctors were able to confirm that he still bleeds Dodger blue.

Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson played for Lasorda during his playing days and, due to the fact that Lasorda is stable and in good spirits, was able to keep things light in his pregame conference Tuesday, when much of the interview dealt with more serious matters. "What's that, about his fifth one?" he responded when he was asked if he had heard about it.

In an attempt to explain what probably was the cause for the heart attack, Gibby said this:

"He was in New York for the draft. He probably went out and just pounded a huge meal. I've eaten several meals with him, so I understand how that happens. I felt like I was having a heart attack when I was with him."

Gibson also said that, while he had shared meals with Lasorda, he has not and hopes to never share this experience with his former manager.

Again, the good thing in all this is that Lasorda is doing well.

"He still has his sense of humor," related Gibson. "So I take it he's feeling fine."

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