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Scott Boras Responds To Ken Kendrick's Comments About Stephen Drew

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Tuesday afternoon, Arizona Diamondbacks managing partner Ken Kendrick accused injured shortstop Stephen Drew of being more concerned about playing next year rather than this year, Drew's agent Scott Boras (yes, THAT Scott Boras) responded to the comments, as noted by Arizona Republic writer Nick Piecoro.

Said Boras:

"I think achieving the success that Mr. Kendrick has in his life that he would respect the commitment and focus and the effort of Stephen Drew, who has demonstrated that on the field when he went all out to score for his team from second base and badly injured his ankle at home.

"Consistent with that effort, it's pretty clear that a person of that ilk like Stephen Drew would do everything he can by going all out to return."

He also suggested that it "makes no sense" for Drew to be focusing on free agency.

Clearly, there is frustration on the team's part that his recovery is taking so long. It seems like every time tere us progress made, there is a setback.

He broke his ankle last July sliding into home. He begins a rehab assignment in Triple-A Reno on Thursday.

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