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D-backs' Execs Discuss Selection Of Stryker Trahan In MLB Draft

The Arizona Diamondbacks have their guy in Louisiana high-school star catcher Stryker Trahan after choosing him in the first round of the MLB First-Year Player Draft Monday, and all I can think of is the "Airplane!" movie character played by Robert Hays.

He played the lead role, and ex-military pilot named Ted Striker.

We move on. Trahan has a name not easily forgotten, and Diamondbacks director of scouting Ray Montgomery and general manager Kevin Towers are looking forward to seeing what their big prize of the day will do within the organization.

Montgomery told reporters Monday after the selection of Trahan that he likes the youngster as a catcher, his natural position, and that it was his ability to hit that really stood out.

"Obviously he's going to have some work to do back there (behind the plate)," Montgomery said. "But I think with the bat profile where it is and the position he plays and the fact that he hits left-handed, it's a pretty good package and I'm very happy to get it at (pick) No. 26."

Montgomery feels Trahan is athletic enough to play perhaps left field, though the plan is to keep him at catcher.

As a hitter, Montgomery likes Trahan's swing and feels he will develop more power. The D-backs feel confident in being able to sign Trahan, who has committed to Ole Miss.

Towers said Trahan addresses an organizational need and that scouts scoured the U.S. and Latin America looking for quality catching prospects. He said the club felt Trahan was one of the top two catchers in the draft.

"Stryker certainly has all the intangibles to be able stay back there for a long time," Montgomery said. "He's a leader on the football team, so I think you put that combined with his overall athletic package and you get a pretty nice package behind the plate. And again, the bat being the key."

Trahan moved from linebacker to quarterback of his high school team.