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2012 MLB Draft Order: Where The Diamondbacks Will Pick

The 2012 MLB Draft takes place on Monday and the Arizona Diamondbacks will be hoping to make a splash. The three-day event runs through Wednesday, but the first round on Monday will naturally be the main event.

As one of the few drawbacks of being the reigning National League West champions, the Diamondbacks will have one of the lower picks in the first round. They hold the No. 26 overall pick, but luckily the talent pool is quite deep this year. Some teams, such as the Los Angeles Angels, will be without first-round picks this year, so the D-backs can consider themselves lucky.

Here's the full draft order for Monday's first round.

1 Houston Astros
2 Minnesota Twins
3 Seattle Mariners
4 Baltimore Orioles
5 Kansas City Royals
6 Chicago Cubs
7 San Diego Padres
8 Pittsburgh Pirates
9 Miami Marlins
10 Colorado Rockies
11 Oakland Athletics
12 New York Mets
13 Chicago White Sox
14 Cincinnati Reds
15 Cleveland Indians
16 Washington Nationals
17 Toronto Blue Jays
18 Los Angeles Dodgers
19 St. Louis Cardinals
20 San Francisco Giants
21 Atlanta Braves
22 Toronto Blue Jays
23 St. Louis Cardinals
24 Boston Red Sox
25 Tampa Bay Rays
26 Arizona Diamondbacks
27 Milwaukee Brewers
28 Milwaukee Brewers
29 Philadelphia Phillies
30 New York Yankees
31 Boston Red Sox

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