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Kirk Gibson Joins In Justin Bieber Fever As He Contributes To Auction Of Autographed Card

In what is one of the oddest stories of the season so far for the Arizona Diamondbacks, the saga of the Justin Bieber autographed card continues. A couple of days ago, it was announced that closer J.J. Putz would be auctioning off a rare signed Justin Bieber trading card that he received in support of two of his teammates' charities.

Both Craig Breslow and Brad Ziegler have personal charities that will each receive 50% of the proceeds of any money raised from the auctioning of the card. On top of that, Breslow, Putz, Ziegler and the Diamondbacks organization will match any money raised up to $2,500.

Not to be left out of the fun, manager Kirk Gibson decided he would like to get in on the action.

Gibson decided that he will also get in on the contribution, matching any bid made up to $2,500 as well. This is certainly not something he has to do, but something that he wants to do.

"I just support my guys," Gibson said before their game against the Cubs on Friday night. "I certainly want to give back, number one. I think it's awesome the life that it's taken on. And it's important to those guys and they both are very dedicated to their charities. I mean it's the least I can do is to be on board with them and their causes."

As of now, the bid is up to $2,510, so each of the guys will be opening their wallets for this cause.

"We're all trying to help people that are in need. We know we're fortunate to put the uniform on."

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