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Arizona Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers Thinks The D-backs Will Still Reach The Postseason

With 93 games left in the regular season, the Arizona Diamondbacks have quite a bit of work to do if they want to reach the postseason for the second consecutive year. They are currently in third place in the NL West, eight games behind the first place Dodgers.

The team has definitely had it's fair share of roller coaster moments this season. Right when the pitching seems to be locked in, the offense looks stagnant. Then, when the bats start to heat up, the pitchers start surrendering too many runs. Both factions will need to be consistently strong at the same time if the team wants to win. It is going to be an uphill battle.

But don't tell general manager Kevin Towers that. He still thinks his club is going to make the playoffs.

Towers was on with local radio personalities Doug and Wolf of Arizona Sports 620 where he had this to say:

"I think we're as good as anybody in the west, and knock on wood but I'll stick my head out there, but we're going to make the playoffs. I am waiting for this team just to go," Towers said. "I still believe that it's a better club than it was last year."

"I am really just kind of waiting for the boys to kind of take over and do what I felt they were going to do this winter."

The Diamondbacks just haven't had that same spark that they did in 2011. They led the majors in comeback victories last year and the fight and passion that they had just doesn't seem to be there. Their best players, Justin Upton, Chris Young, Miguel Montero, just to name a few, are all seeing a decrease in production as compared to last season.

And don't expect Towers to necessarily go out and make trade deadline deals to make the team better. He is under the belief that not only is there not much out there, but that what they already have is enough to win.

"I really kind of believe we have it here. I've kind of looked externally and I don't really see difference makers that are out there from the outside," Towers said.

So while it is unclear as to whether the D-backs will be buyers or sellers at the deadline, don't expect to see any major deals come down the pipeline.

"We are either going to win together or we're going to lose together."

That's the mantra that Towers and the Arizona Diamondbacks are going to live by.

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