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Arizona Diamondbacks Player/Pitcher Of The Week: Trevor Cahill Throws Gem, Aaron Hill A Consistent Bat

The Arizona Diamondbacks started the week on a five-game win streak, but after seeing the schedule, fans knew that it would be a tough streak for them to keep alive. Early in the week, the team visited Arlington to take on the best hitting club in baseball in the Rangers. Over this past weekend, they were soaking up the sun in southern California as they played Albert Pujols' Angels.

The offense sputtered on and off (mostly off) during this short road trip, but there were a couple of bright spots. Trevor Cahill pitched a shutout against the Angels on Friday night and Aaron Hill was one of the only players to actually have some offensive production.

Friday's performance by Cahill was perhaps his best while wearing a Diamondbacks uniform. He pitched 7 innings giving up just three hits. He also tied his career high in strikeouts with 8. He kept three of Los Angeles' most dynamic players off the base pads completely: Pujols, Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo. The command that he had with his pitches was absolutely fabulous and for that, he takes home the hardware this week.

Directly behind the mound where Cahill was pitching from stands Aaron Hill, the player of the week for the D-backs. While the offense was, at times, sickening to watch, Hill was one of the few players to show some consistency. Over the week, he collected six hits, including a big 3-run homer off of former Diamondback, Dan Haren. His defense at second base also proved to be sharp. Now we just have to wait and see if any other Diamondbacks want to join Hill in his offensive endeavors.

Here's the list for those keeping track:

Player of the Week awards:

Parra (1), Kubel (1), Roberts (1), Goldschmidt (3), Bloomquist (1), Montero (1), Hill (1)

Pitcher of the Week awards:

Saunders (1), Cahill (3), Corbin (1), Miley (4)

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