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Which Arizona Diamondbacks Player Should Be An All-Star?

With the latest results in for the All-star Game voting in the National League out, it is clear that the Arizona Diamondbacks will not have a player voted into the game. Since every team must be represented (ridiculous rule), someone on the team will have to go.

Based on early play in the year, it almost looked as if not a single player would be worthy. Yes, Chris Young started the season on fire, but he missed too many games, and since his return, he has not been the same.

However, three players deserve at least consideration.

The first is Wade Miley. He has been the staff ace. With seven wins and an ERA of two and a half, he is right up there with other pitchers in the league.

Jason Kubel has turned things on a bit lately. He is batting .293 with six HR and 36 RBI.

Lastly, Paul Goldschmidt has played his way into the discussion for the team. His 17-game hitting streak is over, but he has raised his average to .288 and has eight homers and 26 RBI. Almost half of his 51 hits are for extra bases.

Granted, we have to look at the positions they play and how the position plays over the whole league, and with the exception of Miley, they don't even really deserve to be in the discussion were it not for the fact that some one has to go.

Which of these three will be it? It won't be long until we know.

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