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Interleague With DH Not Always A Bad Thing

The Arizona Diamondbacks are on the road in interleague play. What does that mean? It means no pitchers hitting. The designated hitter gets to play. For the D-backs that meant that they could play all four of their starting caliber outfielders. Justin Upton, Chris Young, Gerardo Parra and Jason Kubel all essentially deserve to start. Parra is the defensive whiz, who has been hitting over .300 when at the top of the batting order. Kubel has been the most productive bat this year.

Against the Rangers in the first game of the series, it did not go so well for the four, but that in part was because Colby Lewis was superb to everyone. But the outfielders were a combined 0-14.

Now, The Diamondbacks like being in the National League. Fans have been watching National League baseball ever since the days of the Phoenix Firebirds. There are scores of people here that think that the DH is not the way to play baseball.

The DH adds an element of actual offense, while having the pitcher hit adds strategy.

But normally, fans here would prefer NL ball.

With the lineup with all four guys, they are happy as clams.

Of course, better results would have been better, but the Parra/Kubel debates can be set aside, at least for now.

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