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Arizona Diamondbacks Looking For Sweep Against A's, Must Continue Offensive Production

It comes as no coincidence that the Arizona Diamondbacks currently find themselves in the midst of a four game winning streak. After taking the final two games against the NL West rival Colorado Rockies in their three game series, the D-backs are now poised to sweep the Oakland Athletics in a very crucial interleague series.

The pitching through this hot streak has been outstanding, outside of Daniel Hudson's shaky start on Friday night. In fact, besides Hudson, the D-backs have allowed just six runs in the past four games.

But what really comes as a surprise and has undoubtedly helped the pitching staff is the type of offensive production that the club is experiencing right now.

During the four game win streak, the Diamondbacks have tallied a more than respectable 33 runs. Yes, the opponents they have faced have been average at best, but the team at least appears to be headed back in the right direction.

The D-backs have been able to score early and often as well. 16 of their 33 total runs scored have come prior to the fifth inning. The team has not had to rely on late-inning comebacks (sans the walk-off three run homer off of the bat of Ryan Roberts on Friday) nearly as much.

On top of that, Arizona has been able to score in a variety of ways. It seems that the lack of power that was plaguing the team back in April and May has suddenly returned. They have racked up eight long balls in the past four games. This organization is built around being able to hit the ball out of the hitter-friendly Chase Field, so to see them do that must be a welcome sign for fans.

The true test might not come until they begin their next series against the Texas Rangers on Tuesday. To accomplish a series win over Texas, the pitching will have to be great, but the hitting will have to be better. The D-backs will not be able to simply score one or two runs and expect to beat the best hitting club in the MLB.

If Arizona can keep their offense plugging along through next week, then we may get a better idea of what this team is made of.

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