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Finding True Love At Chase Field: The Legend Of The First Date

With the St. Louis Cardinals dominating the D-backs last night, there was understandably a bit of down time during the broadcast when the game itself was, well, less interesting than the grandstands.

Fox Sports was all over an incredibly awkward first date taking place at Chase Field, in which the gentlemen in question decided to bring a sign to convey his true love that he was on a first date, which seemingly is a great icebreaker for Fox to intervene with some more awkwardness.

D-Back fans all over the country even got to get in on the action when Fox's Mark McClune found them for a brief interview with the couple in which we find out that his car broke down on the way, he didn't take her to dinner or anything, but she will indeed go on a second date with him. Chivalry still lives?

But if there ever was any doubt, the broadcast crew proceeds with a text question for all the fans at home, vote a for yes, she'll go on a second date, or b, she won't. Sweet. Now we're all involved. Hope they make this a running series during D-backs games.

Hey, at least this didn't happen on their date.

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