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Winning Streaks And Losing Streaks Against Teams, Baseball Is A Funny Thing

With their loss on Tuesday night to the San Francisco Giants, the Arizona Diamonbacks fell to 4-4 this season against San Fran. Only the thing about that is that Both teams not have four-game winning streaks against the other. Arizona won the first four contests and the Giants have won the last four.

To end last season, the D-backs won their last five against the Giants, essentially wiping out their chances of the playoffs.

When Arizona won their first four games against them, they were quick to dismiss it, and reasonably so. Paul Goldschmidt said after one game that to even talk about the 2011 success late in the season was silly because 2012 meant that the two teams were different.

Even then, when referring to the success against the Giants early on, the players and manager just said that they look at things a game at a time. Things can change just as quickly and go south as it did to have success.

And that is what happened. Arizona now trails the Giants by five games for second place. Now, they turned things around and won the division a season ago, but they now have two teams they are chasing if their goal is (and it is) to win the division.

If Arizona doesn't start a new streak against San Francisco, they they may find themselves out of the race in June.

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