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MLB Draft 2012: Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Pick Order

The Arizona Diamondbacks are not in prime position to draft any high-profile prospects this year, but their front office is doing its best to find some diamond in the roughs that could help the major league ball club in the future.

In last year's draft, the Diamondbacks drafted a pair of right-handed pitchers, Trevor Bauer and Archie Bradley at No. 3 and No. 7 overall respectively.

Here are the team's pick positions in the 2012 MLB Draft, taking place on June 4th through June. After the first three rounds and the two compensation pick rounds, the Diamondbacks will hold the 25th pick in rounds 4 through 40. Arizona does not have any picks within the compensation rounds.

  • First round, No. 26 overall
  • Second round, No. 90 overall
  • Third round, No. 120 overall
  • Rounds 4 through 40, No. 153 overall (25th pick)
In his current mock draft, ESPN's Keith Law currently has the Diamondbacks picking Missouri State's Pierce Johnson, a right-handed pitcher, with their first round pick.

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