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Wade Miley Wins NL Rookie Of The Month: Not The D-backs Rookie Pitcher You Would Expect

In what has been perhaps the best surprise of the young season, left-handed starter Wade Miley was named as the National League Rookie of the Month for April. He certainly deserved it. He went 3-0 with an ERA of 1.29.

The thing is that if someone had told you at the start of the season or even back in spring training that a Diamondbacks pitcher would win Rookie of the Month, you would never have guessed that it would be Miley.

Perhaps you would have said Trevor Bauer, because he is a sexy pick to come up to the big leagues this year and contribute. You might have even said Patrick Corbin for the way he pitched in the spring. Tyler Skaggs also would have come up.

Not Miley.

When he made the 25-man roster coming out of spring training in the bullpen, it was surprising. Of course, the team needed a long reliever and he had pitched pretty well and had experience in the big leagues already when he had a few appearances in 2011.

But thanks to the struggles of Josh Collmenter, Miley's stints out of the pen were showcased and he was absolutely dynamite except for one game. Then he took the starting spot and has at least flirted with no hitters for a few innings by pounding the strike zone and getting outs quickly.

Now he gets the recognition of the entire league and has made a name for himself, at least to start the season.

The best part is his attitude. He is just happy to be in the bigs, no matter his role. He would pinch run or pitch right handed only if it meant staying with the big league club.

So a well-deserved congratulations is due for the youngster. And maybe it's time to give him the attention he merits and perhaps even name him among the stud prospects like Skaggs, Corbin and Bauer.

Only he has a step up -- he is doing his stuff at the highest level.

Not bad, kid. Not bad.