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Jamie Moyer Vs. Patrick Corbin, A Pitching Matchup You Never Could Even Think Of

On Wednesday night, the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Colorado Rockies in Coor's Field and have an interesting matchup on the mound with their starting pitchers. The Diamondbacks are sending out Patrick Corbin, a promising young left-hander that, outside of his start in New York, has been very impressive since the start of spring training.

The Rockies will send Jamie Moyer, who set a record earlier this season by becoming the oldest pitcher in history to record a win.

This matchup you could not even have dreamed up.

Moyer, who is 49 years old, made his major league debut in 1986. Corbin was born in 1989. By the time Corbin was born, Moyer had already logged 28 wins and lost 34 games.

Before Corbin made his big league debut this season, Moyer had appeared in over 685 games. Corbin probably has not yet played that many organized games in his life.

Both are lefties, but Moyer can only throw about 70 mph maximum. Corbin has a 90-92 mph fastball to go along with his other pitches.

Both pitch to contact...only Moyer still can get people out while throwing batting practice.

I remember when Moyer came up and struggled as a member of the Chicago Cubs. He was promising, but was one of the worst pitchers in the league at one point. The fact that he became later one of the better pitchers was impressive. At this point, the fact that he has survived in the league as long as he has is even more impressive.

Corbin might not ave been around in this world when Moyer started his career, but he certainly could look to his career for at least a model of how to survive in a league that doesn't see this sort of longevity often.

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