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Dan Majerle Makes One-Handed Catch While Holding Plate At Diamondbacks Game [Video]

In what was a rather forgettable game for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Saturday afternoon, Phoenix Suns legend Dan Majerle gave the crowd -- or at least TV viewers -- one of the better highlights of the afternoon. In the game itself, the D-backs fell 5-2. However, in the third inning, Majerle was in the pool area partaking of some of the food near the grill.

He turned around as Gerardo Parra blasted a ball over the outfielders heads in right-centerfield. The ball bounced into the pool area and right into the outstretched right hand of Majerle, who maintained his plate of food in his left hand without losing a single crumb.

To add to the showmanship, he didn't move his hand, giving it several incredulous glances.

He later explained to the TV crew that he was doing a little Shaquille O'Neal, who would at times lay the ball up with his left hand and then just stare at like he couldn't believe what he did.

Here's the video:

This isn't the first time Majerle has given fans some feat to admire. While on the court at US Airways Center and wearing his gameday suit, he wowed fans with some circus shots from the coaching area.

Majerle already has rock star status in town for his Suns career, his successful restaurant and for being still with the organization as an assistant coach. Things like his catch only add to the mystique and legend of Thunder Dan.

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