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Arizona Diamondbacks And Miguel Montero Could Open Contract Negotiations During Season

One of the biggest potential losses in free agency that could happen for the Arizona Diamondbacks could be catcher Miguel Montero. He signed a one-year contract in the offseason and the team attempted to negotiate a log-term deal. However, talks were stopped and the team decided to table the issue until after the season.

However, this may be changing, according to CBS Sports writer Jon Heyman, who tweeted:

Montero has been solid this season. He is hitting .277 and has batted in 16 runs. Defensively, he has made huge strides. When in the past, he struggled with throwing the ball accurately, he is gunning down over 57 percent of potential base-stealers.

According to an article on the team site, Montero had not heard that it was going to happen, but general manger Kevin Towers said it was a possibility, although he did not wish for it to be a distraction to the catcher.

The move to negotiate really would be wise. Arizona is in no place to lose Montero. They do not have a replacement in the farm system that could clearly take over. He would leave a huge hole in the lineup and defensively.

That being said, with his production keeping with the highest paid catchers in the league, he will not come cheaply. But sometimes to have to pay for what you need.

Montero is one of those needs.

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