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Arizona Diamondbacks 25 Man Roster Announced For Opening Day

The Arizona Diamondbacks have resolved their 25 man roster. Here are the names that are on the list.

  • Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Josh Collmenter, Trevor Cahill and Joe Saunders are the projected starting rotation for the Diamondbacks. David Hernandez will be setting things up for closer J.J. Putz.
  • The projected lineup looks something like this: Willie Bloomquist is the shortstop, Aaron Hill is the second baseman, Justin Upton is the right fielder, Miguel Montero the catcher, Chris Young is the center fielder, Jason Kubel the left fielder, Paul Goldschmidt the first baseman, Ryan Roberts the third baseman.
  • The only real changes from what the regular 25-man roster: Stephen Drew and Takashi Saito will start the year on the DL. The only big surprise is Wade Miley, but he's only on there because Saito got injured.

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