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Animated Gif Of Home Run Structure In Marlins Park

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With the Arizona Diamondbacks playing in Miami's Marlins Park, one thing that has been noticed is the strange structure that comes alive when a Miami player hits a home run. It is extremely colorful, massive and strangely fitting for Miami.

Beat writer Steve Gilbert said this:

Arizona Republic writer Nick Piecoro described one of the fish that becomes animated being "the Matrix of fish."

As you can see below, there is water, fireworks, a seagull, marlins and a lot of lights.

There is one marlin at that comes over the top that also does a flip at the top. That is what Piecoro referred to.

Chase Field doesn't have anything like this. There is a pool, but nothing like this for when there are homers other than the fountains going off.

Should there be? And if so, what would it be?