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Kirk Gibson Says Josh Collmenter May Not Start On Monday Vs Marlins

Despite a tweet from the official Arizona Diamondbacks Twitter account, manager Kirk Gibson announced that, while left-hander Wade Miley will start against the Miami Marlins on Sunday, he has not yet decided on the starting pitcher for the series finale on Monday morning.

Previously, the team tweeted that Josh Collmenter would start on Monday, but Gibson clarified that statement. If he does not start, Collmenter would be moved to the bullpen.

He said that probably by Saturday he would make a decision as whether to start Collmenter or bring someone up from the minor leagues.

If the latter happens, it would likely be either Patrick Corbin or Tyler Skaggs in AA Mobile. Corbin has been pitching the same day as Collmenter and Skaggs also has had adequate rest.

Trevor Bauer started on Thursday, so he would not probably get the start, as they would not want to make his first major league start on short rest. AAA pitcher Barry Enright also would be out because he also pitched on Thursday. Enright, though, is doing very well in Reno, which is a noted pitching nightmare. In over 20 innings, he has a 1.75 ERA.

Corbin pitched very well in spring training and has continued to do so. He also does all the little things that Gibson expects from his pitching staff -- handle the bat, field the position and hold runners on.