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Despite Great Showing In Start, Wade Miley's Role Is Still Uncertain

Left-hander Wade Miley had a great performance on the mound starting for the Arizona Diamondbacks against the Philadelphia Phillies Monday night. He threw six shutout innings, striking out seven batters and only allowing three baserunners.

It was exactly what the team had hoped for. Had he not been at his pitch limit (he was going be held to 75-80), he could have gone a little deeper. He finished with 81 on the night, 54 that were strikes.

With Daniel Hudson on the disabled list, it would seem like a lock that Miley earned at least another start. However, manager Kirk Gibson was not willing to commit to anything yet.

He did say that Miley "threw ball exceptional," but when asked if he would get to start again, he only responded with, "we're certainly going to consider it."

The situation in the bullpen could play a role in the decision that is made. Lefty Joe Paterson has struggled. In his last three appearances, he has faced 16 batters and only retired three. On Monday, he faced five hitters and all crossed the plate before he was pulled.

Miley, a lefty, might be needed in the bullpen with Craig Breslow, especially if a move is made with Paterson. The thing is that at least for the next few days he isn't going to be available anyway.

However, the role he plays doesn't matter to Miley. He views pitching as pitching, regardless of whether starts or relieves. "When you're called on, whether you're sitting in the bullpen or whether it's in your locker, you're just going to try and do the same thing."

Miley has the perfect attitude for his situation. He is in the major leagues. He wants to stick around no matter what it takes. He might have his preference, but as a young pitcher, he knows he has to take advantage of whatever opportunity comes his way.

"I'm just excited to be here," explained Miley. It's great to be here rather than somewhere else."

If he keeps pitching like he did on Monday, whether starting or relieving, he won't be going anywhere anytime soon.