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Kirk Gibson Explains Decision To Start Wade Miley Against Phillies

When starting pitcher Damiel Hudson was placed on the disabled list because of a shoulder injury, there was a lot of discussion about who would take his place in the starting rotation. Many speculated that Patrick Corbin could get called up. Reno pitcher Joe Martinez had his name thrown around. Barry Enright was mentioned. Then there was Wade Miley, who started in the bullpen to start the season, has pitched well overall and also made starts down the stretch in 2011.

In the end, Miley gets the start on Monday against the Philadelphia Phillies. But it was not a cut-and-dried decision. Manager Kirk Gibson discussed the thought process and how the front office and coaching staff have had conversations "virtually everyday" on the topic in his pregame press conference.

There were definitely reasons not to start him. Gibson noted a very important factor was the that if he started he would be unavailable for five days, which he said "would change the bullpen." But in the end, Gibby said, "I was comfortable having two lefties and five righties" in the bullpen.

Another reason why Miley got the start was the issue of roster logistics. Bringing a guy up from the minors would have required a corresponding move, so somebody would have had to be moved to the minors.

Jonathan Albaladejo, the right-hander who was brought up to replace Hudson on the roster, is able to go more than an inning in relief, so moving Miley into the rotation will not hurt too bad since Albaladejo could be used in the long-relief role.

So Miley it is tonight. Depending on how things go, according to Gibson, "we'll see how he throws tonight and go from there."

A good showing tonight would certainly make that decision easier.

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