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Arizona Diamondbacks Player/Pitcher Of The Week: Tough Week To Pick

The last week of baseball for the Arizona Diamondbacks was a struggle. It included offensive struggles, pitching struggles and five straight losses. It also included the placing of two starters on the disabled list.

Despite the struggles, we here at SB Nation Arizona will begin a weekly tradition of recognizing the top position player at top pitcher on the team as player and pitcher of the week.

Who are the picks for this week? The team's player of the week is Gerardo Parra and the pitcher of the week is Joe Saunders.

Parra did not have the best statistical week, but then again, most of the players did not. He hit .217, but homered twice. The key was his grand slam on Sunday that gave the team the win and broke their losing streak. He certainly is making his case to stay on the field everyday after Chris Young returns.

Others considered: Jason Kubel (.304, 1 Hr for week), Chris Young (four hits in six at-bats before injury)

Saunders earned this week's pitching award. He took the loss on Saturday, but pitched the best of any starter in the Atlanta series. He pitched seven innings in each of his two starts for the week and picked up a win and a loss. His ERA was 1.93 for the week.

Others considered: David Hernandez (four scoreless appearances)

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