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Chris Young Diagnosed With Small Tear Of AC Joint Ligament; Upton Update

The results of Chris Young's MRI on his injured right shoulder along with the doctor's report convinced the Arizona Diamondbacks to ignore the player's pleas and place him on the Disabled List. Young reported feeling better today and looked like he might escape with just a few missed days until the team was advised that rest was the best option to prevent further damage.

"It's certainly disappointing," General manager Kevin Towers said. "One of the hottest bats in the National League and to lose him for at least the next couple of weeks will be difficult but we've got to deal with it."

The injury was described by Towers as a deep acromioclavicular joint contusion with a small tear in the ligament.

"It's a long season and I would rather have two or three weeks versus four or five months if he was to make it worse by coming back too soon," Towers said, stressing that timetable is very preliminary at this point.

Young initially fought the news but relented once he understood that this was something that could get worse without rest and treatment.

"It's a little awkward for me. I'm not to happy about it. It just happened. A freak accident. I just have to stay mentally strong and be here and (give) support for the rest of the team," Young said.

Towers said that Justin Upton is still day-to-day with his thumb injury. He had some fluid drained and will hopefully improve over the next few days.

"I'd rather have a healthy Justin Upton than somebody who's trying to play through something where he has discomfort at 50 percent."

Young said this was his first time on the DL as a major leaguer.

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