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Trevor Cahill, Joe Saunders Looking Great In 4th And 5th Spots In Arizona Diamondbacks Rotation

One thing that the Arizona Diamondbacks had hoped to do coming into this season was bolster their starting rotation. They acquired Trevor Cahill from the Oakland Athletics and then brought back Joe Saunders. Cahill struggled in spring training and Saunders was inconsistent.

However, since the regular season has begun, they have been the two best starters on the team.

Cahill is 1-0 and has allowed two runs in 13 1/3 innings. That would only be an ERA of 1.35. He is the number four starter.

What about Saunders? He is simply 1-0 and has allowed just one run in 14 innings, with earns him an ERA of 0.64.

Combined, they have allowed three runs in 27 1/3 innings. An ERA of less than 1.00 -- from the bottom two guys in the rotation.

Granted, Josh Collmenter has struggled and Daniel Hudson's numbers look bloated right now, but you have to feel good as a team and as a fan when there is production like this from the back end of the starting rotation.

It is this exact sort of thing that you have to be excited about if you are a fan. That sort of production you will get from your best two pitchers from time to time. But your two last guys? You know your team has the chance to be something special when you have that happening.

It is still early, but this team has something. It's going to be a fun season to watch.

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