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Josh Collmenter To Get Another Start, But Leash Must Be Short

Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson announced on Sunday that starter Josh Collmenter would indeed get at least one other start. His turn is next up on Thursday against the Atlanta Braves at home.

After a bad spring and two starts in which he struggled, there is once again talk that he will be replaced.

The thing is that it would be really easy to make a move. Reliever Takashi Saito is expected to return from the disabled list during the homestand. It would be very easy to put Wade Miley, who has been absolutely fabulous in long relief, not having allowed a run yet, into Collmenter's spot in the rotation and send down Collmenter, allowing Saito a spot in the bullpen.

Likewise, Patrick Corbin is in the minors and his starts coincide with Collmenter. However, with the return of Saito, it isn't as easy.

Now, Gibson still showed a lot of confidence in Collmenter, saying this:

"He's done it in the past, we have confidence in him. He's had two starts and he didn't have a good spring, but we believe he can do it. He knows how to get guys out."

The issue has been his command. He has to locate his pitches well and he was elevating in Colorado.

What if he has another rough outing on Thursday? That's a tough thing to say. However, if there is one thing that Collmenter has done in his short career, it is bounce back and show people he belongs.

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