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Diamondbacks Vs. Padres: Justin Upton Out Of The Lineup With Thumb Injury, Gerardo Parra To Start

Justin Upton sits tonight against the Padres with a thumb injury.

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Just three games into the regular season, the Arizona Diamondbacks are sitting right fielder Justin Upton with an injury. When lineups were announced, there was a surprise -- Gerardo Parra was playing right field and batting second. No Upton was listed.

It turns out that late in the game on Sunday, Upton slid hard into second base attempting to break up what might have been a double play and jammed his left thumb.

When asked about it, Upton explained, "It's not too bad. I went and took some swings and it didn't feel right."

Between he and manager Kirk Gibson, they wanted to err on the side of caution this early in the season.

Upton hopes to be able to play tomorrow, but wasn't sure.

Fortunately, having Parra as a fourth outfielder, who showed last season he is more than a capable starter, this sort of thing makes decisions easier for Gibson. They can play things safe when they have essentially four starting outfielders.

First pitch for tonight's game against the Padres is at 7:05 PM at Petco Park.

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