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Trevor Bauer Shows Delivery In Slow-Motion, Responds To Comments [Video]

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Trevor Bauer has a unique delivery and is unique himself in the fact that he has a nine-pitch repertoire, something pretty much unheard of in in the major leagues. As one of the highest rated minor league prospects in all of baseball, there is a lot expected of him.

He has his own YouTube channel, as well, and recently posted a slo-mo video of his pitching delivery. The coolest part, though is not the video. It is the comments after the video.

Bauer himself (or so it seems, based on the detail of the comments regarding his delivery) answers questions about pitching, giving very technical explanations.

Here are a few:

  • Trevor, I was wondering if you open up your hips before landing becasue i have been told to have my hips be closed at landing. I dont know which one i am supposed to do. Also does you arm ever get sore when you pitch. My arm gets sore even when i use my hips and move fast dowm the mound. Any tips

    ndbaseball11 4 days ago

  • @ndbaseball11 hips should be all the way open at landing. otherwise you will never get any separation between your upper and lower half. arm soreness comes from a disconnect on the upper half. either in acceleration or deceleration. check out the texas baseball ranch for info on how to clear that up

    BauerOutage 2 days ago

  • I get pretty much everything that your doing because I work with Alex Creel and the ranch. The only thing I don't get is the pronation at the very end. Wouldn't that cause more stress on the arm? The only reason I'm asking is because I watched Storens video and he doesn't do that at all. Thanks.

    MrBaseballaddict 6 days ago

  • @MrBaseballaddict pronation is the natural way for the arm to slow down. watch quarterbacks. and watch the vast majority of baseball players as well. we all pronate. some just don't hold the pronation so the arm straightens back out, putting stress on the anterior shoulder and elbow. holding the pronation allows for the large muscle groups in your back to decelerate the arm instead of the rotator cuff and labrum

    BauerOutage 6 days ago

  • Trevor, as you lead with your hip and your leg is out to the side as it is at1:24, how are you able to bring your leg in front of you towards the plate, without crossing yourself up? also, when you land at 1:27 your front leg is bent but by 1:29 youve stiffened your front side up and the leg has become straight. how were you able to achieve this?

    baseballambitions 1 week ago

  • @baseballambitions front leg straightening: lots and lots of practice doing it. and a lot of time working on the synchronization of it. as for landing and getting my leg open, it has to do with my back side hip firing and opening up. again, lots of practice

Here is the video itself: