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Spring Training 2012: Arizona Diamondbacks Schedule, Week Of March 19

The Cactus League schedule rolls on towards the start of the regular season and Opening Day. The Arizona Diamondbacks continue to have their struggles in Cactus League play, but it is starting to get a bit more set before the games that count begin.

Here is what their spring training game schedule looks for the next week:

Monday, March 19, Diamondbacks at Athletics, Phoenix Muni

Tuesday, March 20, Giants at Diamondbacks, Salt River Fields

Wednesday March 21, Brewers at Diamondbacks, Salt River Fields

Friday, March 23, Diamondbacks at White Sox, Camelback Ranch

Saturday, March 24, Royals at Diamondbacks, Salt River Fields

Sunday March 25, Diamondbacks at Padres, Peoria Sports Complex

Tickets have been hard to come by this spring, so purchase them early or you might lose out.

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