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Diamondbacks Spring Training: First Pitches Thrown In Anger (Video)

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The Arizona Diamondbacks pitches and catchers reported on Sunday which meant Monday was the first real day of "action". The "action" was light with about half the group still pending physicals and the other half only getting in about half a day's work in on the field.

Things started with some light stretching and group calisthenics that would not have impressed my Army Drill Sergeants. From there the players split into their groups and rotated through various stations that included some light fielding from the mound, some soft toss and the big event -- eight minute bullpen sessions.

According to the official team press release, the first official pitches of spring were thrown "at 2:20 p.m. by a group consisting of Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, David Hernandez, Barry Enright and Charles Brewer."

Down below is some video of Ian Kennedy and Dan Hudson cracking the leather. Please don't read much into Kennedy burying one in the dirt.

Kirk Gibson did his daily press conference in front of another packed house. The normal local media was out in force along with a fairly large contingent of Japanese press onsite to follow Takashi Saito.

Here's Gibby's press conference. He talks about Stephen Drew's first baseball work out right up front and then he has a typical Gibby session, which quite honestly, are extremely informative if you are into this sort of thing.

Here's Ian and Dan throwing their bullpen session:

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