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Arizona Diamondbacks Getting Some National Attention, Will Be On 6 Saturday FOX Games

With the new MLB season getting ready to start in the next month and a half, the league has released its Saturday national TV games. This season, it appears that the Arizona Diamondbacks have just a bit of buzz around them. Buster Olney is picking them to be in the World Series. On the other hand, the Dbacks are gettingignored by ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. he reason why there we can say there is a little bit of buzz at least is because Arizona will be playing in six games this season on the FOX game of the week.

Reports Steve Gilbert for

What is interesting is how five of those six games are on the road. That could simply be because the team prefers to play their Saturday games at 5PM Arizona time.

Have the Diamondbacks made it big now? Hard to say before Spring Training. But what is clear is they have become an attractive enough team to put on the national stage.

It's about time.