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Ken Rosenthal insists Rangers still have interest in Justin Upton

With Zach Greinke landing in Los Angeles, the Rangers renew their interest in Justin Upton.

Christian Petersen

After losing the Zach Greinke sweepstakes to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Texas Rangers have reportedly renewed their efforts to obtain Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton, a deal the Rangers have been pursuing for some time during the offseason.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the pursuit is still very much on the table after reports that the six-year Diamondback Upton would have to be traded to the Rangers for Texas to acquire him, and in recent days, three- and four-team deals in order to facilitate the move have been discussed around the league.

Many of those rumors include the Tampa Bay Rays and Seattle Mariners as the possible third and fourth teams, but in all cases, the Rangers end up with the outfielder Upton. The Diamondbacks could end up with a Rays starting pitcher, according to reports.

The Rangers are also pursuing a free agent deal with Josh Hamilton, who could attract big money around the league, but Texas could also add the right fielder Upton to the mix.