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Jason Kubel might not have great trade value for Arizona Diamondbacks

Trading Jason Kubel won't bring the Diamondbacks much in return, it appears.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

There was some hope in Arizona that the Diamondbacks might be able to trade Jason Kubel this winter for a solid prospect or even some big league help. It wasn't a ridiculous hope considering his 30-home run, 90-RBI year in 2012, but there is a reason those statistics aren't the holy grail that they used to be.

Kubel isn't quite the player that his 30-90 numbers would suggest. Most other statistics do not look very favorably upon him, nor do his home-road splits. Because of that, along with his defense and age (30), it doesn't appear as if he would bring much back in a trade.

Who wants a 30-old-year, sub-par defensive left fielder who benefited from the way the ball flies out of Chase Field and can't do much else besides hit the ball far?




The Diamondbacks may have to consider other options if they want to add talent. Trading Kubel doesn't appear to be the way to do it.