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Kevin Towers talks about Cody Ross signing

Arizona general manager Kevin Towers sheds some light on the Cody Ross signing and talks about potential trades for current Diamondbacks outfielders.


After signing outfielder Cody Ross to a three-year, $26 million deal on Saturday, Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers lauded the veteran, noting the presence someone like Ross can bring Arizona's clubhouse.

"One thing that our club was missing a little bit last year was some energy," Towers said. "I think he certainly brings energy to the ball club. He's very familiar in the NFL West and has always been able to perform on the big stage."

Towers also noted how he and owner Ken Kendrick were able to come to a quick agreement on the viability of signing Ross this offseason, giving the outfielder a nice pay raise in the process.

"It actually happened rather quickly," Towers said. "We started the process on Monday, met with Cody and (wife) Summer I want to say it was on Tuesday. ... We were talking about our current situation and where we should add. I said, ‘Who’s your guy?’ He said, ‘Cody Ross.’ I said, ‘That’s my guy as well.’"

Towers made sure to address rumors of a imminent trade of an Arizona outfielder, saying it didn't "hurt to have depth." He also said his phone "blew up" and that he'd "consider moving one of our outfielders if somebody presents [them] with the right deal."