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Ken Kendrick praises D-backs' offseason moves

A member of the Diamondbacks' ownership group had high praise for his general manager on Tuesday.

Christian Petersen

Arizona Diamondbacks' general manager Kevin Towers has been hard at work this offseason, making plenty of moves to fill roster needs. This hasn't been lost on the ownership group, and this week managing general partner Ken Kendrick lauded Towers' efforts, according to

Kendrick believes Towers has already met the demands that the roster may have had at the end of the 2012 campaign, with time left to still improve:

"It's not over yet, but we had some needs, and ... I think if it was a Christmas list, you could check off all the needs as met at this point," Kendrick said.

The Diamondbacks have been shopping Justin Upton, but have yet to find the right deal. With the need at shortstop potentially filled by newly-acquired prospect Didi Gregorius, Upton may stick with Arizona for at least the upcoming season. That could be a win-win for the D-backs, as they wouldn't have to give up one of their young talents.

Towers has also added a couple left-handed veterans to platoon and do some pinch-hitting. Eric Chavez still plays good defense at third base, and could come in against right-handed starters. Eric Hinske may provide some power in the late innings.

For Towers, there is not much better than getting praise from a boss. Now he just has to hope the moves work out on the field.