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Texas Rangers perhaps overvaluing prospects, hindering possible deal for Upton, Kubel

The Diamondbacks have been shopping Justin Upton and Jason Kubel, but it looks like the Rangers are willing to meet Arizona's demands.

Ezra Shaw

The Rangers have been in talks with the Diamondbacks about deals involving Justin Upton and Jason Kubel, but it appears that Texas does not want to meet Arizona's asking price. That means the Rangers think too highly of their own prospects to give them away for potential short-term gains with Upton and Kubel. Apparently, the rest of the MLB believe Texas may be wrong in the assessment of their own players.

Buster Olney of ESPN Insider wrote about what others around the league may think of the Rangers reticence to meet Arizona's demands:

If the Rangers can't meet Arizona's asking price for Justin Upton, you wonder if it can work something out for Jason Kubel, who would be a one-year upgrade in power for Texas. Some executives with other teams have asked privately whether Texas overvalues its prospects; either way, the Rangers have had a lot of success.

Kubel hit .253/.327/.506 with 30 homers and 30 doubles in 2012, the best season of his career since 2009 with Minnesota. Upton saw a drop-off this past year from his 2011 campaign, when he hit .289/.369/.529 and was worth 5.7 wins above replacement. He hit .280/.355/.430 and was worth 2.1 WAR.

After failing to re-sign Josh Hamilton, the Rangers are hoping to replace his production at the plate and in centerfield, and the combination of Upton and Kubel is likely what they are looking for. However, it is likely not going to happen unless Texas is willing to give more up.