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Justin Upton rumors: GM says outfielder isn't going anywhere

Trade talks for the Diamondbacks outfielder have stalled and now general manager Kevin Towers says Justin Upton isn't going anywhere,

Christian Petersen

For the Arizona Diamondbacks, each offseason has one similarity - the topic of Justin Upton being traded and then Justin Upton being pulled of the table.

After the Texas Rangers reportedly put together a package to land the talented outfielder, the Diamondbacks were quick to refute. Now, general manager Kevin Towers said Upton is most likely not going to move.

Ken Rosenthal said the Rangers were more aggressively pursuing Upton after losing out on Zack Grienke, but weren't willing to part with Elvis Andrus - said to be high on the Diamondbacks wish list. Due to a lot of attractive options, Towers can also command a treasure-trove haul in a trade for Upton.

Just 25 years old, Upton is a prime candidate for a lot of teams looking to make a splash because he has the talent (fourth in NL MVP voting in 2011) that comes with a bargain deal nowadays ($38.5 million over the next three years).