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Hernandez Rare Meltdown Leads To D-backs Loss, 8-3

No worries here. The Diamondbacks are still 65-4 when leading after seven innings and David Hernandez has had all of four bad outings out of  67 appearances. 54 of those times he gave up zero runs. He'll be fine and the Arizona Diamondbacks, who "fell" to five games ahead of the Giants will be fine as well.

More troubling than Hernandez, where the two guys who came in after him with two outs. Joe Paterson gave up a triple, a single and a walk and Sam Demel hit a guy and walked a guy before finally getting the final out of the eighth inning. These are guys the D-backs need or at least they need to know if they can be trusted and right now, the answer is no.

The D-backs are back at it on Wednesday to finish the series against the Rockies with Joe Saunders on the mound.

Az Snake Pit has a few other details of the game:

Diamondbacks 3, Rockies 8: Loooosssiing In the Rain - AZ Snake Pit
The Diamondbacks had their usual gaffes and ganders that are normally present: John McDonald lined a double before being thrown out trying to make it to third. Josh Collmenter threw a quality start without walking a batter. Chris Young continued to slump. Miguel Montero knocked in another RBI. Justin Upton mashed the ball some more and Aaron Hill hit, scored, and made that whole 'not striking out thing' look really simple.