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2011 MLB Playoff Odds: Diamondbacks Head in NLDS as Underdog

The Arizona Diamondbacks didn't have mich push back on their way to the 2011 NL West title, stomping right past the struggling Giants and into the postseason for the first time since 2007. Now they take on another new face in the playoffs in the form of the Milwaukee Brewers, a team Bodog feels should be able to handle D-backs. 

Bodog Sportsbook Manager Richard Gardner talked a little about where the people are playing their money, though unfortunately not much of it is on Arizona:

 "An exciting end to the MLB Season with both Tampa Bay and St. Louis getting in should make for a good first round...the public is looking for some bigger payouts it seems and over the last couple days have been backing teams with some higher odds such as the Tigers at 15/2 and the Rangers also at 15/2.  The dog in the bunch is the Diamondbacks at 14-1 but even at those odds are getting no love."

The betting lines are out for the NLDS, with Milwaukee listed as the favorite in all categories:

Prices (best of five)

Arizona Diamondbacks              +150

Milwaukee Brewers                     -170

As for the individual game results, the odds even themselves out a bit more, though still favor the Brewers:

Arizona Diamondbacks 3-0                     9/1

Arizona Diamondbacks 3-1                     4/1

Arizona Diamondbacks 3-2                     9/2

Milwaukee Brewers 3-0                           13/4

Milwaukee Brewers 3-1                           7/2

Milwaukee Brewers 3-2                           3/1

The lines favor Milwaukee's sluggers as well, as Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun are favored to have more hits, runs, RBI's, and home runs than Justin Upton:

RBI's, Hits, Runs:

Justin Upton (ARI)                      +120

Ryan Braun (MIL)                       -150

Home Runs:  

Justin Upton (ARI)                      +145

Prince Fielder (MIL)                    -175

Remember D-back fans, nobody thought the Giants stood a chance against Atlanta, Philadelphia, or Texas last season and they went all the way, so don't believe the hype. Believe in your team.