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Video: Diamondbacks Justin Upton, Paul Goldschmidt And Aaron Hill On Being MLB Playoff Underdogs

It should come as no surprise that the same experts who picked the Arizona Diamondback to finish last in the NL West are now picking the Milwaukee Brewers to win their NLDS playoff series. Experts hate to be wrong. 

The Diamondbacks, however, have done what a lot of surprise teams do and latched on to and embraced their underdog status all season long. They've use the adversity to build team chemistry and have an adopted a "why not us" mantra. 

Hanging in the D-backs clubhouse still is a picture of a newpaper columnist framed as a wanted poster. His column from July opining that this team wasn't playoff caliber is still taped to a whiteboard with comments related to the column and columnist of a nature I won't repeat still scribbled on the board near the article.

So, if you think having the various national baseball experts pick the Brewers in this series is going bother this team than you've not been watching this team.

The numbers and home field advantage certainly make Milwaukee the safe pick. 48 comeback wins from the D-backs make them hard to pick against.

My prediction for the series: It will be a blast.

Here's video from Justin Upton, Paul Goldschmidt and Aaron Hill talking about the series.