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Diamondbacks vs. Brewers: Where Arizona Fans Should Buy Tickets For The NLDS

The Arizona Diamondbacks will play at least one home game in the 2011 MLB Playoffs on Tuesday, October 4th when they play the Milwaukee Brewers in Game 3 of their National League Divisional Series. If they're lucky, they get to play Game 4 on Wednesday, October 5th. Or maybe if they're luckier, the D-Backs will have already swept the series! Lots of scenarios in play.

In any case, here's where you can go to buy tickets for Game 3 and Game 4. Here's ticket pricing based on seating location. Be prepared to pay up! View all the prices for tickets after the jump.

NLDS prices based on seating location

  • Clubhouse Box: $140
  • 1st/3rd Base Box $120
  • Dugout Box $110
  • Club Box $60
  • Club Terace $65
  • Infield Box $60
  • Club Reserve $43
  • Baseline Box $44
  • 1st/3rd Base Reserve $60
  • MVP Box $35
  • Club Bullpen $33
  • AYCE $40
  • Baseline Reserve $35
  • Bullpen Reserve $22
  • Bleacher $22
  • Infield Reserve $18
  • Outfield Reserve $12