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MLB Playoffs: Diamondbacks Likely To Put Geoff Blum & Sean Burrough On Roster Vs. Brewers

The Arizona Diamondbacks will face the Milwaukee Brewers in a few weeks, but they're not totally certain of who will be on their playoff roster. It's also uncertain how many pitchers they'll decide to take on for this endeavor. AJ Cassavell of reports.

"Whether I know now or whether I know in 24 hours or 48 hours, it's just getting prepared to make proper decisions, to try and understand the information," Gibson said. "That's part of it. It's better than going home like a lot of the other guys in there."

Earlier this week, Gibson said Geoff Blum will be on the playoff roster, meaning if Gibson also chooses Sean Burroughs, as expected, there will be room for 11 pitchers. But he wouldn't commit to that number.

Gibson wouldn't blink at all in terms of his playoff roster strategy. Especially, he said, because he doesn't know whom the D-backs will play.

"I'm not trying to be elusive," Gibson said. "I'm just being honest with you. I don't have it figured out. I don't think there's a consensus at this point."

Going with fewer pitchers has its disadvantages. The additional position player would create room for more double-switches in the National League. Depending on performances against given teams, it might give a manager a pinch hitter that is on the roster solely because of the first round opponent.

Geoff Blum and Sean Burroughs don't have any conclusive stats against the Brewers. Maybe Blum is being brought on to take down Randy Wolf, or the three ABs that Burroughs has accumulated against Kameron Loe are the key to victory in extra innings. But you figure that any of these extra decisions are going to have minimal effect on the outcome of the series. Until it has a maximum effect, in which case I take total credit for everything.

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