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MLB Playoff Scenarios: Diamondbacks Need Brewers Loss For Home Field

The Arizona Diamondbacks are in the playoffs, but they could use some help to get some advantageous positioning this season. Here are your MLB Playoff scenarios for tonight to ponder.

The Milwaukee Brewers are a game ahead on the Diamondbacks. If the Brewers beat the Pittsburgh Pirates, this will force Arizona to go on the road in the first round of the NLDS. They would have to look out for whoever won the wildcard. The Cardinals winning would force Arizona to go to Milwaukee. The Braves winning would force Arizona to start off with Philadelphia.

If the Brewers lose, and the Diamondbacks win, then the Diamondbacks will be at home because they own the tiebreaker between the two. They would clinch the two seed and avoid the Phillies, meaning the Brewers would end up playing Philadelphia and the Braves or Cardinals would play the Diamondbacks, since two teams from the same division can't play in the NLDS.

There are plenty of playoff scenarios in play, but all of them involve the Diamondbacks being in the playoffs, so I'd imagine they'd be happy with whatever they get.

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