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Justin Upton Injury: Diamondbacks Outfielder Hit In Head (Again), Leaves Game Immediately

For a team that has already clinched the National League West and a playoff berth, things have not gone very well for star outfielder Justin Upton in recent days.

The MVP-candidate was first hit in the head over the weekend on a Tim Lincecum fastball, an injury that held Upton out of the lineup on Monday. After returning on Tuesday, he was hit in the head once again, this time on a ball that ricocheted off the outfield wall.

In the tenth inning with the D-Backs trailing 3-1, Upton ran towards the wall to make a play on a well-hit ball. The ball bounced hard off the fence and hit the outfielder in the side of his head. He was understandably shaken up and was not able to make a play on the ball.

He managed to keep consciousness, but Upton was immediately removed from the game. If fans were looking for an indication of how he was feeling, while attempting to lightly toss his glove into the dugout, it landed in the first row of seats behind the dugout. That's not good.