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Justin Upton Hit In Head By Lincecum, Diamondbacks Doctor Reports On Status

Justin Upton has been hit by 19 pitches this season, the most in his career and tied for the most in the National League. Maybe pitchers are trying to rattle him. Maybe he's angered too many pitchers by admiring his home run balls. Maybe he's just unlucky.

In the first inning of Sunday's game against the San Francisco Giants, Upton took one from Tim Lincecum off the bill of his helmet in a glancing blow. Justin got up, dusted himself off and took his base. He would later score from second on a base hit.

After running from second base to home, he reported nausea and was removed from the game.

Team doctor Michael Lee said Upton passed all his neurological exams including a head CT scan and that they think he will be fine. Obviously, they will continue to monitor Justin and will administer an impact test on Monday and compare it to his baseline results.

Doctor Lee said nausea is a symptom of concussion or even more serious brain injury but the tests ruled that out and he recovered quickly and didn't even report having a head ache.

"Our concerns are on the lower side but we're going to watch him to make sure he's fine," Lee said.

Consider that bullet dodged. The D-backs could ill-afford to lose Upton heading into the playoffs. Upton is considered day-to-day.