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Diamondbacks Celebration Hangover, Resting But Still Fighting For Home Field

Kirk Gibson reported that the left the ball park at around 11:00 p.m. last night and went home with his family to, "this little place where I live." He was back in the office by 11:00 a.m. Saturday morning thinking through his plans and options for the rest of the season. Who gets rest? How to order the pitching rotation? How to compete for the vital home field advantage in the first round and still get guys some days off?

"How can we best try and win as many games and how can we best prepare for the playoffs...There's a lot going on, it's good stuff," said with a smile.

Justin Upton and Miguel Montero are first and third on the team in plate appearances and so it's those two All-Stars that will get Saturday off. It would be shocking if you don't see Chris Young, second on that list, get a rest day soon as well.

Gibby wouldn't tip his hand when it comes to changes to the pitching rotation but said that it is possible that young Jarrod Parker could get a start and he hinting at limiting the innings of his key guys.

The lineup for Saturday will be Bloomquist (SS), Hill (2B), Young (CF), Goldschmidt (1B), Roberts (3B), Parra (RF), Cowgill (LF), Blanco (C), Kennedy (P)

The Giants lineup is: Christian (CF), Fontenot (2B), Beltran (RF), Sandoval (3B), Pill (1B), Belt (LF), Sanchez (C), Crawford (SS), Surkamp (P)

Other Gibby thoughts:

  • Guys had the goggles on. "They don't realize, I really wanted to feel my eyes to sting, that's kind of how I relate to those times."
  • Whole lot of love out there. Great night, they earned it.
  • Fans great. We did it against great team. Well scripted and well played out.
  • Talked before the game to make sure "we take care of ourselves" and not get hurt during the celebrations. No reported injuries.
  • On J.J. Putz picking up Montero and possibly hurting his back: "You can't predict what you're going to do in those situations. When I hit the home run in '88, I never thought about pumping my fist. It just happened."
  • Will be tough to stay focused today. We'll get back on target. 
  • We want to start the playoffs here at home. Huge advantage for us. (D-backs one game behind the Brewers who also clinched their division last night.)
  • Hard to explain how the crowd works for you and against the other team. Want to entertain those people and do well for them. When Goldy got on and Chris Young got the hit, it was electric. Can remember that sound.
  • On Goldschmidt's big hit: "For a young kid, he's certainly got something in his belly. I don't think the Giants like him very well."