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Diamondbacks Fighting Energy Drinks, Putz Pissed

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The Arizona Diamondbacks organization has a great relationship with its players and the guy recently called "the cement" is closer J.J. Putz. Putz, according to his manager, helps bring together the pitchers, position players, coaching staff and front office into one big family.

But like with any family, there can be discord when the "parents" tell the "kids" what they can and can't do...or drink.

According to a report by Bob Nightengale in the USA Today, the Diamondbacks are one of a handful of MLB teams trying to limit the consumption of energy drinks such as Red Bull. 

Baseball teams limit consumption of energy drinks by players –
The Diamondbacks and Houston Astros have stopped providing energy drinks in their clubhouse and are discouraging players from using them, citing harmful effects. 

Putz had this to reaction to the ban:

 "It's asinine," said Arizona Diamondbacks closer J.J. Putz, who typically consumes one Red Bull drink in the seventh inning. "What are they going to ban next, coffee? Soft drinks? It's so bizarre."

A cursory search of the media literature (aka Google) has revealed that Red Bull is banned in France, Denmark and Norway even though the caffeine content of one can is equivalent of one cup of coffee. There is also a report of potential heart problems related to the drink.

 Red Bull gives you wings - and heart trouble? - Times Online

A study of 30 university students aged between 20 and 24 years old found that drinking just one 250ml sugar-free can of the caffeinated energy drink increased the "stickiness" of the blood and raised the risk of blood clots forming. Using tests to measure blood pressure and the state of blood vessels around the body, the Australian researchers said that after drinking one can participants had shown a cardiovascular profile similar to that of someone with heart disease.

Teams can't ban the drink because it's not prohibited under the CBA but they don't have to buy it and keep it on tap for the players either.

Still, to avoid pissing off Putz you would think the better approach here might be a little education about the drink and especially about side effects like dehydration that can come from chugging too many.